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Find Out All the Great Benefits of Remedial Massage, and How to Reap Them!


Do you ever wonder how important physical therapy is and how exactly it got started?

The History

A Greek legend says that it was so essential that the despite already being the god of healing, the sun god, Apollo, sired a son named Asclepius to become the god of medicine and specialize in the healing arts. Massage, as with most things, was born out of necessity. There have been numerous historical accounts of various forms of massages each with a different set of techniques. These accounts have originated in many different cultures throughout Asia and Europe. Before attempting to approach physical pains with a medical remedy (herbs and incense,) doctors of that time treated the human body with a more tactile method–namely massage. Records dating as far back as 2,700 B.C. narrate how ancient Chinese physicians incorporated massage to rectify a host of physical ailments from minor muscle pains to cases of paralysis. India has a long standing tradition of incorporating essential oils and spices in their massages to boost the healing effect of the physical therapy.   

The art of massage has been developed over millennia and has benefited countless people throughout history, and continues to do so today. The therapeutic effects of remedial massage greatly aid sufferers of chronic pain and injuries to help them recover and restore function to aching muscles. Beyond this, remedial massage has tremendous benefits that go beyond treating pain.

Physical Benefits

The human body’s response to the relaxation that comes from massage therapy is a decrease in the stress-inducing hormones cortisol, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. Since stress levels are reduced, the immune system is able to work at a more efficient pace– studies show that adults who underwent massage therapy received an increase in response from their endocrines and white blood cells. Adding to the benefit of the immune system are improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. Better blood flow also contributes to a beautifying effect– sullen skin receives a rosy glow, plumping up in the process! Massage helps to stimulate sebum production, which leads to supple, moisturized, and soft skin. Joint mobility is improved through releasing the muscle tension around joints, alleviating stiffness which helps muscle function return to normal. Remedial massage also helps with lengthening the muscles, restoring proper postural alignment.

Mental Benefits

The mental benefits are astounding as well. De-stressing via remedial massage gives the mind a chance to clear itself, allowing for better mental alertness. A study recorded in the International Journal of Neuroscience has shown that after receiving a massage, 26 participants increased in intellectual performance when asked to solve difficult maths problems. It has been proven to help lower mental tension levels in patients undergoing treatment for anxiety. The soothing sensation also releases endorphins that give the feel-good factor to any massage.

One of the best benefits of remedial massage is that it helps to control various illnesses and other health problems. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, constipation, high blood pressure, arthritis, and many other conditions are alleviated through remedial massage. Ultimately, remedial massage is great for whole-body relaxation. Along with treating the complaints you come in with, you will be able to end your session feeling light and refreshed, enjoying all the benefits that come with the experience.

Author:Janice Hall